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Infinity Sleeping Pods company offers affordable and comfortable sleeping pods for passengers at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. The pods are designed to provide travellers with a peaceful and rejuvenating sleep during long layovers between flights while saving both time and money. With amenities like charging ports, secure storage, and an easy booking process, Infinity Sleeping Pods is a convenient and efficient services for travellers who need rest during their travels. The company aims to provide a hassle-free experience to its customers, ensuring that they feel refreshed and ready to take on their next journey. Its also understands the importance of hygiene and takes the necessary measures to sanitise the sleeping pods regularly. Therefore, Infinity Hospitality Services Pvt Ltd aims to provide a comfortable and cost-effective services for travellers who require a quick and relaxing sleep at the airport.

Discover Comfort in the Midst of Travel Chaos

Are you a traveler in need of a rejuvenating break during your journey? Look no further! Infinity Sleeping Pods at Delhi International Airport offer you a tranquil retreat right in the heart of India's busiest airport.

Why Choose Infinity Sleeping Pods?
Our Facilities
Comfort & Convenience

Enjoy a full-length bed, a flat-screen TV, a work desk, charging ports, Wi-Fi, and more in your private sanctuary.

24/7 Access

No need to worry about arrival or departure times. Check in and out at your convenience, and even pre-book your spot online.

Flexible Booking

Whether a quick nap or extended rest, our hourly booking system caters to your schedule.

Solo & Group Accommodation

Choose single or double occupancy pods for your comfort.

Stay Connected

Stay online and charged up for your next adventure.


A classic movie collection and more to keep you engaged and relaxed.

Exclusive Offers

Pre-book with us and enjoy special deals on meals, beverages, and more.

Drop-off Service

We ensure you reach your boarding gate on time hassle-free.

Secure Shopping

Store your duty-free treasures safely during your stay.


What Client's Say?

Each of our pods is equipped with a comfortable bed, working desk, wifi connectivity, charging point for electronics, mini fridge along with TV.
These pods are located at the boarding gates just before you board your flight. Its the most convenient location for travelers at the Airport



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